About Us

4Z Electronics Automation and Welding Systems was established for the design and production of various products in cathodic protection, geophysics and welding systems industries. Our company carries out its activities focusing on corrosion, protection from corrosion and cathodic protection in Organized Industrial Area of İvedik – Ankara, thanks to its experienced labor force and unmatched quality sense. Carrying out the design activities of all its products within its own facilities, 4Z Electronics continues to provide the best services to its customers, investors with its improving quality and dynamic structure within the respective sectors.

International Standards / Top-Quality

Main objective of our company is to design and produce the products as per international standards in respective sectors. Presenting highest-quality product for its domestic and foreign customers, 4Z Electronics adopted keeping the production-standard on the highest level possible as a principle via an idealist perspective.

Continuous Improvement and Development

4Z Electronic, aiming at implementing the cutting-edge technological innovations on its projects, continuously upgrades the whole protection and service processes with estimations on developments within cathodic protection sector. Our company, with customer satisfaction-oriented approach, present the innovative engineering solutions for our dear-valued customers, by reflecting the needs and expectations of the industry on its products under the best manner possible.

Product Tracking / After-Sales Services

Customers of 4Z Electronics feel the sense of professional service conception at every turn. New software updates or hardware changes are tracked as product-based within after sales process, thus being applied on the products at the most suitable time.

Environmentally Conscious, Respecting the Society, People and Environment

4Z Electronics exerts itself to the utmost to be environmentally-conscious and sustainable by using the latest technologies and purest materials in the industry. Our company supports a greener world for future generations thanks to its innovative and inquisitory characteristics.

Global Perspective

Proving its innovative and professional service concept not only domestically but also on the international area, 4Z Electronics is one of the respected companies preferred in the global market with its strong production & marketing strategy.