Quality Policy

In line with our corporate vision;

  • Using the developing and up-to-date technologies, improving the product quality by closely following the developments within the industry, as well as ensuring a production process that is beyond the expectations of our customers,
  • Preventing possible non-conformities by producing the most suitable, truest and most economic solutions within the shortest period of time,
  • Becoming a reliable company meeting the expectations and needs of our customers on the highest level possible,
  • Becoming a model that is respectful not only to the society but also to the environment we live in by ensuring the continuity of our quality approach in order to achieve our quality aims in line with our policy,
  • Providing our employees with any required trainings in line with our policies and in order to achieve our objectives, as well as providing a suitable work-environment and becoming a family by supporting all of this with cutting-edge-technology,
  • Contributing our national economy with our service quality by improving our experience more and more,
  • Ensuring the customer, employee satisfaction with our high-quality services,
  • Maximizing communication and productivity level with our system approach in the process and management,
  • Making continuous improvement sustainable based on the principle of productivity,
  • Constituting an efficient decision-making mechanism by involving the employees and suppliers within sustainable conditions.
  • Engraining leadership in all of our employees with a strategy-based corporate management.

We hereby undertake to adopt a quality management system for ensuring a systematic and ordinate quality mentality in all of our activity areas, and to fulfill the respective requirements, as well.