4Z Electronics was at the conference in Bahrein as the only Turkish manufacturing company

4Z Electronics has represented Turkey as the only Turkish Company with its global point of view and vision at the conference on corrosion held in Bahrein. 4Z Electronics took part at the conference on corrosion held in Bahrein among many large and influential global companies in the sector and has returned with many efficient gains from this conference.

We, as 4Z Electronics, have represented Turkey at the Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibit held at Bahrein Fair Center in the Kingdom of Bahrein during September 30 – October 3, 2018.

There was great participation in the conference held for the 17th time this year. The conference had brought together manufacturers and investors coming from all over the world to discuss the sector’s situation and new technologies on cathodic protection and the participants had the chance to meet each other throughout the conference.

4Z Electronics, the only Turkish Company at the Conference

4Z Electronics experienced the honor of being the only participant company from Turkey and at the same time, carried out this responsibility completely and hosted many visitors at its stand.

The stand of 4Z Electronics received great attention. Visitors, who did not have sufficient knowledge about Turkey and technological production in Turkey, were interested about the manufacturing of such technological products in Turkey and showed their appreciation.

New connections, new markets

4Z team has introduced their own products to the stand visitors in detail and kept their interaction at a high level at all stages of the conference at the same time and had the opportunity to establish connections.

4Z Electronics has established extensive communication with the manufacturers of cathodic protection products, not only with the customers, and thanks to this, it observed the developments and deficiencies in the field and collected information for its future studies.

4Z Electronics plans to participate in all activities to be held in Turkey and overseas concerning the sector and it always will keep up with the developments in the field and continue to improve constantly and show the production potential of Turkey.