Deep Interest to 4Z Electronic on World’s Most Reputable Corrosion Fair

4Z Electronic took its place at the stands of Corrosion Conference and Fair which has opened its doors to visitors last week. The event which happened on March 24 – 28 has had thousands of visitors.

Technical and managerial topics about corrosion and cathodic protection were discussed and shared by near 6 thousand visitors from 60 countries of the world at the conference and fair. 4Z Electronic, while meeting with sectoral representatives on their stands at the most participated corrosion fair, promoted their products and represented our country.

Corrosion Conference and Fair, which accepted to be the meeting place of sectoral representatives is also featuring to be a platform in which global innovations and technological improvements have shared.


4Z Team, which introduced their own products with full detail to the visitors have also held its interaction at top level and found an opportunity to improve their connections in all stages of the conference.

With the help of densely communicating not only with its customers but manufacturers producing in the sector of cathodic protection and registering the improvements in the sector, 4Z Electronic started its preparations for the conference and fair which will take place in Houston, Texas next year with its powerful technologic infrastructure.